Tender for sewer repair with sand-gravel filter

Tender for sewer repair with sand-gravel filter

Requirements and documentation are posted on the link


 Proposals are accepted until 5:00 pm Minsk time on May 21, 2016 inclusive, and can be submitted by e-mail or fax according to the data listed below:


Establishment "Center for Environmental Solutions"

Tel. +375 17 237 40 70, phone / fax +375 17 334 53 23,


Proposals sent by e-mail must not exceed 20 MB in size, and should not contain viruses. A sentence can be divided into no more than 5 messages. Each of them should not contain viruses or garbled data; Otherwise the proposal will be rejected. The message subject should include: "Sewer repair".

You must make sure that your offer has been delivered to the above address before the deadline for submission of offers (telephone for inquiries: +375 17 334 18 15). Proposals received after the deadline for filing, indicated above, will not be accepted for consideration, regardless of the reasons why the proposal was not delivered on time. When submitting a proposal by e-mail, please send .pdf files that do not contain viruses or garbled data.

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