Green economy in action: the results of 16 pilot initiatives were presented on seminar 30 November 2016

Green economy in action: the results of 16 pilot initiatives were presented on seminar 30 November 2016

It has been a year since 16 pilot “green” initiatives were launched. They were selected as a result of the Contest within project “Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus”, funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP.





The representative of the Ministry of Natural Resource and Protection of Environment mentioned that the effect that initiatives are demonstrating in social, economic and environmental areas are important for the Ministry. And, she added, the Ministry will from its side, inform the management of different ministries and the Government about the results and successes that have been achieved to date in regions through implementation of pilot initiatives. It is also important, as the representative of the Ministry underlined, that non-profit organisations work in close collaboration with business, practitioners and local people. It will consequently demonstrate how local community may take part in promoting green interests. During the seminar, the representative of the Ministry informed about the development of draft of National Action Plan on introduction of green economy principles in sectors of national economy for the period till 2020. It is planned to be submitted for approval by Council of Ministers in the nearest future. The plan seeks to promote adoption of green economy principles in different sectors of national economy as to increase capacity of Belarusian economy, regional development and improve quality of the principal components of the environment.



Philippe Bernhard, Coordinator of cooperation environmental programmes of EU delegation to Belarus, encouraged representatives of initiatives and told that everyone expects practical results and vivid examples of green economy principles implementation. Further the interim results of pilot initiatives were presented to the participants of the meeting. The results were divided into seven dimensions of green economy: treatment of water; treatment of waste; organiс farming; conservation of biodiversity; cultivation of medicinal plants; eco-innovation and eco-tourism. Also, the training course “Management of green development of national economy” was presented to the audience.


The course was launched in Belarusian State Economic University in September 2016. It was developed within EU-funded project “Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus”, implemented by UNDP. At the moment, approximately 20 students are enrolled in the course. 




In conclusion, Piotr Sahek, Thematic Coordinator of the Project, informed that current results of initiatives include works on collection and processing of more than 10 tons of wild medicinal plants and more than 11 tons of cultivated medicinal plants (calendula and caraway) in Miadel rayon; development of 25 new recipes of phyto-teas in Kamianets rayon; finalization of modernization of waste and wastewater treatment facility manufacturing line in Uzda rayon; creation of 9 new touristic products (4 touristic products in Berezinski biosphere reserve); training of more than 780 people within 29 information and educational events. In future, within implementation of 16 initiatives, it is planned to launch several manufactures, in particular, of cooling fluids and organomineral fertilizers.

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