Project «Technical Assistance to Support the Development of Green Economy in Belarus»

The European Union, in cooperation with the Republic of Belarus, has launched a project to support the advancement of green economy measures. Working with decision makers and planners in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, and with other key figures in the environmental sector, the project will support them in developing and implementing policies and mechanisms that lead to sustainable socio-economic development while ensuring that the environment is protected. 


This project represents a further deepening of the ties and an enhancement of the cooperation between the European Union and the Republic of Belarus.


The specific activities to be undertaken under the project can be grouped into two major technical components: the development of knowledge and competences of the Belarusian authorities, both at a national and a local level, in the context of the green economy; and the elaboration of the draft Programme of Actions to Reduce Pollutant Emissions until 2030. The project supports the Republic of Belarus in meeting its international agreements, most notably the Gothenburg Protocol, with the application of an integral emissions evaluation.


The project duration is 30 months starting from 5 November 2014 to 5 March 2017, with an overall budget of EUR 1,465,000.


The project is implemented by the consortium led by Hulla & Co Human Dynamics KG.

Presentation on topic "Best practices of international experience, adopted in the EU on the issues of the green economy" You can download here.


Presentation on topic "Principles , mechanisms and instruments of Green Economy" You can download here. 


Presentation on topic "The way towards Green Economy.What can be learnt from best practices and existing instruments?" You can download here.


Reports on development of Plan on decrease of pollutant emissions before year 2030, covered in Gothenburg Protocol, with integral estimation of emissions You can download here (in Russian)

The project office:

Minsk, Filimonova str., 14, flat 231

тел/факс +375 17 345 70 85,