Green initiatives contest

Based on the goals and objectives of Component 3, support will be provided to the work of NGOs, aimed to the establishment of effective partnerships and joint activities of NGOs, local government and business organizations and a competition among initiatives aimed at green economic growth will be held.

15 April 2016: Report on implementation of pilot initiatives (RU) (1 March 2016 - 15 April 2016)

8 July 2016: Report on implementation of pilot initiatives (RU) (15 April 2016 - 8 July 2016)

31 October 2016: Report on implementation of pilot initiatives (RU) (9 July 2016 - 31 October 2016)

28 February 2017: Report on implementation of pilot initiatives (RU) (1 November 2016 - 28 February 2017)

30 October 2017 (final): Report on implementation of pilot initiatives (RU) (1 March 2017 - 30 October 2017)

Results of the Contest of Green initiatives (download presentation (en)

19 February 2016:

Name of pilot initiative / Name of NGO

Description of pilot initiative
 1. Creating a production and training center "Herbal medicine of the 21st century / Institution on Protection of Nature “Ecologicheskaya Sfera”  The infrastructure for supplying of wild medicinal plants for further production of medicine on the basis of LTD "U Treh Ozer" (Narochansky Park) is organised in Мyadel district.
 2. Creation of the regional forestry environmental education center in Lida district Grodno region / Public Association «Belarusian Botanical Society» Forestry Educational Center will be situated on the territory of Lida Forestry:Ecological class in the building of Lida Forestry is equipped with computers, projection equipment and stands; in the building of nearest building - museum of forestry with mini-cinema; separate building dedicated to beekeeping is equipped with stands about beekeeping (exposition "visiting the bees"); other equipment (bikes, rollers, etc) are also procured. Other materials are stored in the existing building of garage near Park Gorni.
 3. Organic production and promotion of eco-products "Vodar Belavezhzha" through use of the potential of rural tourism entities and capacities of the community / Establishment “Brestskiy transgranichniy infocentr”

 Territories of villages Golyi Borok, Uglyany, Belaya, Mlyny together with kamenets town will be transformed into phytotouristic destination and a place for production of phytoteas under the trademark of "Vodar Belavezhza". Equipment for collecting, processing and drying of phytoteas will be installed on seven farmsteads for this.

4. СCreation and development  of conditions and infrastructure for cultivation of medicinal plants by local residents on the lands of private farms to generate additional income on the territory of  Myadel  district / Institution for the Protection of Nature “Ecologia Bez Granits”  Purpose of initiatives - cultivation (growing) of big amounts of medicinal plants. Conditions for involvement of local population into the process of cultivation of medicinal plants are created: tractor, plough and a cultivator are procured. LTD "BelAseptica" is using this equipment jointly with at least eight local farms and local population during the process of examination of technology of growing and processing of medicinal plants on 30 ha of land, that belongs to LTD "BelAseptica".
 5. Expanding use of tourist potential of protected areas of the Republic of Belarus / Public Association "Green Economy"  Joint database of touristic products that are offered by special protected areas will be created: all touristic services, offered by special protected areas will be imported into single database of touristic products of nature reserves of Belarus; applications will be filed and fees will be paid for connection of "Ozery" and"Nalibokskiy" reserves to the European network of special protected areasc (EUROPARC Federation); not less than 8 touristic products will be developed for visiting of "Nalibokskiy" and "Ozery" Reserves; Promotional tour for touristic agencies on created touristic products will be cariied out. Touristic agencies will start selling the created touristic products.
 6. Ecotourism in Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve: innovative approaches, partnership models, "green" consciousness / Belarusian Public Association “Otdih v Derevne”  Center of Mythological tourizm will be opened in  Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. Center will consist of: (i) museum of mythological creatures; (ii) mythological open-air exposition; (iii) new part of existing ecoroute; and (iv) existing building devoted to swamps.
 7. Control and automation of rural water intakes of Mosty district, Grodno region with the delivery of information to the central control room in Mosty / Mosty District NGO "Belarusian Society of the Disabled"  System of distant monitoring of water intakes on 31 rural water intakes of Mosty district (through radiochannel) for operative identification of emergency situation: examination of all 31 rural water intakes involved into modernization is carried out; 31 set of pumping equipment and 31 set of electricity and water meters for Mosty Municipal Housing Services Organization is bought and installed, software and computer equipment for central dispatching point is installed and launched into operation.
 8. Greening of  roofs of the buildings / Pukhovichi District Public Association “Pukhovichskiy Krai”

 Purpose: promotion of best practice in Belarus for construction and exploitation of roofs with soil cover (dissemination of the new type of ecodesign that solves the problem of decreasing of green zones per one urban resident).

Task: Reconstruction of roofs of public buildings for creation of exploitable roof with soil coverage and green plants (roof of the building «Greenhouse» on the territory of Gymnasium  № 5 in Maryina Gorka town)

 9. Environmental security of coolants for internal combustion engines / Information and Consulting Agency “Sodeistvie Razvitiyu Biznesa”  On LTD "Gomelkhimtorg" a production line for production of ecologically friendly coolants will be installed. Educational course and textbook will be developed and integrated into the trainig course of Republican training center of Ministry of Environmental on using of environmentally friendly cooling liquids: two pilot groups from belarusian enterprises that works with coolants will be trained during this course.
 10. Organization of collection and recycling of used oils in Borisov and Krupsky districts of Minsk region / Belorussian Public Association “Ekologicheskaya Initsiativa Collection of used oils in Borisov and Krupsky regions is started fro further processing of used oils on the existing production that is situated in Krupsky region: not less tha 50 containers for collection of used oils are installed on the enterprises of Borisov and Krupsky regions that works with used oils; special vehicle for collection of used oils is procured (as tentatively planned, one specially equipped truck), it is used on LTD "DVCh-Management" (key partner of pilot initiative that owns a specialized plant on collection and utilization of oils in Krupsky region)
 11. Creating a network of innovative and demonstration sites for agriculture (including organic one) to promote sustainable land use and to populate agriculture among youth, improve the nutrition of schoolchildren, and increase income of rural schools / Public Association "Green Cross Belarus" Involvement of rural youth to the agriculture under the supervision of instructors with dissemination of best practices of organic farming: three demonstration sites are identified near the three educational establishments (two schools in Drachkovo and Sloboda villages, as well as educational center of Green Cross belarus in Kryukovschina village)  (partners of pilot initiative) in Smolevichi district (Minsk region). Three demonstrational sites are equipped with hand tools and special equipment for organic farming (composters, greenhouses, instrument, watering systems, special agrotextile, etc.)
 12. Organization of sustainable use of biological resources of the Republican Landscape Reserve "Nalibokskiy"/ Public Association «Belarusian Environmental Movement» Complex for processing and storage of wild berries and mushrooms will be created, education on methods of ecologically safe collection of berries and mushrooms on the territory of Nalibokskiy Reserve, freezing of berries and mushrooms is launched (equipment for storaging and processing of wild berries and mushrooms is shipped and mounted (as tentatively planned, refrigerators, line for freezing, containers, etc.) 
 13. Pilot project on integrated utilization of wastes of dairy enterprises / Association of European Business  Conditions for complex (100%) utilization of waste of dairy enterprises  are created on LTD "Fabrika Fruktovyh Vkusov". Note: today 50% of waste are used as cattle feed, 25% is reprocessed, 25% goes into sewerage. It is necessary to show CMEs how to reuse last 25% with small batches.
14. Creation of demonstration site for production of organic and mineral fertilizers on a pilot processing facility by Vasyuhin technology in Cherven district, Minsk region on the basis of agricultural enterprise  producing vermicompost / Public Association “Belorusskiy Souyz Predprinimatelei”  Experimental production facility for production of organic and minerla fertilizers to be created. Facility is mobile: can be unmounted, transported to the farm Humus-Agro and mounted. Facility allows to fine-tune the consist of organic and mineral fertilizer under the needs of soil on the specific farm (control of fertilitu of soils). Facility reduces the price of production of fertilizers (not a biomass should be transported to the facility, but facility is transported to the farm to get biomass).
 15. Development of system of design and construction of local treatment facilities in Belarus / Establishment "Center for Environmental Solutions" 

 Production of local treatment facilities (LTF) will be improved: in Uzda district the equipment for production of LTF will be installed for production of ecologically friendly LTF (rotation forming equipment, etc.). First prototype of a new LTF will be produced for testing. Braslav executive committee will choose the public object for modernization. One LTF will be installed in the place tat will be chosen by Braslav executive committee.

 16. Sustainable agriculture based on an innovative approach of Farm "VermiEkoprodukt." The ecosystem services of soil formation and nutrient cycling / Grodnenskaya Oblastnaya Associatsiya Fermerov Production of liquid humus fertilizers (LHF) will be improved in Smorgon district and its certification under the standards of European Union for further use in organic farming will be carried out:  certification of land of farms, on which the green mass for production of LHF is grown, will be cariied out/ Then certification of LHF will be carried out. LHF will be considered as interim product that is suitable for organic farming.


1 September 2015:

The contest is closed from August, 31 st., 2015


Contest of "green" initiatives gathered 150 applications. The most active were Minsk and Grodno areas, from which more than half of all applications were received.


Applications submitted

Vitebsk area


Gomel area


Grodno area


Mogilev area


Brest area


Minsk area




The competition was attended by 125 organizations. Of these, 22 companies submitted several applications from their regional offices.


Facts about the Contest

Total amount of funding required of all applications received (including co-financing)


 Mil. US dollars

Total number of workplaces created in all applications filed – more than



Total social coverage by the events that were included in the applications – more than




Total share of experienced organizations that have experience in working with International technical assistance



Total share of organizations that have no experience in working with International technical assistance



Applications were submitted from 66 regions of the Republic of Belarus, territorial coverage amounted to 55.5% of the 119 districts.




Of the ten priority areas of the contest four areas form the core of the initiative (65% of all applications are suitable to 4 directions).



First place by popularity among the applicants is eco-tourism

Second place - the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of biological resources and land

Third place is shared by two areas - waste management, and increasing the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Currently, the applications are submitted for evaluation of the Contest Commission.
The contest results to be announced at the end of October 2015


Documents on the Contest

Download the Regulation on the Contest of green initiatives (ru)    Presentation on the Regulation (ru)

Download the Application form (ru)     Presentation - How to fill in the Application (ru)

Download the Booklet on the Contest of green initiatives (ru)

Download the Schedule of the Contest of green initiatives


Conditions of the Contest

The Contest will accept applications from NGOs. The Contest will also accept applications from initiative groups consisting of NGOs and other entities (including commercial and state-owned organizations) and individual entrepreneurs, residents of the Republic of Belarus, united under cooperation agreements for the period of the Contest and execution of initiatives. 

At the same time, if such an initiative group wins the Contest, an agreement on cooperation with the UNDP for implementation of the initiative as a part of the Project activities will be concluded with the NGO acting as the principal applicant for the initiative, and the funds for implementation of the initiative will be transferred to the account of this NGO.

The amount of requested financing per green initiative may not exceed EUR 110,000.

One NGO can submit an unlimited number of applications, but only one green initiative filed or implemented in partnership with this NGO may be funded.

The minimum amount of co-financing from different sources is not less than 10% of the requested volume of funding.

Initiatives must comply with the principles and ideas of green economy and achieve the ultimate result of creating new jobs, generating added value, as well as demonstrating a high level of cooperation with the authorities and self-government bodies at the appropriate levels.

The maximum amount of funds allocated for administration of green initiative does not exceed 20% of the total volume of requested resources.

The implementation period of green initiative shall not exceed 18 months.

The initiators of proposals submitted for consideration for the Contest of green Initiatives need to demonstrate the involvement of key stakeholders, the community, and the intended beneficiaries in the process of their development, to justify the need for the initiative and the structure of its components.  All applicants are required to demonstrate support for their initiatives from a wide range of partners, as well as sustainability of the results of the initiative.

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of uniform criteria.  These criteria will take into account the priority ranking of the subject-matter of a specific initiative, the effectiveness of proposed measures and corresponding expenses in terms of delivering the outlined goals, the share of co-financing allocated to implement the initiative, as well as the potential input of the specific initiative to the improvement of the situation in the priority areas.  The purpose is to select the winners based on parity distribution of financial resources among the priority areas.

At the end of the Contest, 16 applications that initiate a package of measures (initiatives) will be selected.

The total funding for green initiatives will amount to more than EUR 1,600,000.

The selected bidders (applicants) will act as partners and manage the resources provided under the Project for these purposes. 

Appropriate agreements for implementation of the green-initiatives will be concluded with the winners. Pursuant to these agreements, they will be fully responsible for implementation of the initiative and the activities included into this initiative. 

The UNDP and other stakeholders will monitor and control their execution. The Project team will provide technical and advisory support to the winners of the Contest.

Prior to the start of implementation of initiatives, UNDP will appraise the organizations acting as the implementers of initiatives in terms of their capacity to perform the Project activities. 

UNDP will conclude agreements for implementation with the implementers of the initiatives.  Pursuant to the agreements, targeted financing will be provided to the organizations for implementation of the initiatives.  Within the specified period, these organizations will appoint persons responsible for implementation of initiative - an initiative manager and other related staff.

Monitoring of the implementation of green initiatives will be performed with the assistance of authorized employees of the UN, the EU and the Ministry of Environment. The frequency, scope and other requirements for interim financial (and other) reports will be established by UNDP and the organizations implementing the initiatives as part of signing relevant agreements.

Upon completion of each initiative, extensive mass media coverage of the delivered results will be organized with mandatory visual and textual acknowledgement of the input provided by the European Union/UNDP. In addition, a PR-action should be timed to coincide with the completion of the initiatives. 

Project "Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus" is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United nations Development Programme in Belarus

All questions about the Contest refer to Thematic coordinator of the project "Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus", financed by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program in Belarus

Piotr Sachek by phone +375 17 245 20 25, or by e-mail