Green transport

Green transport is a transport that does not have any influence or has minimum influence on environment during the usage. Green transport mostly is easy, low-cost, effective mode of transport, which can be used by the priority of citizens. The main aim of green transport is reduction of ecological and social consequences, and prevention of traffic jams.


Here are examples of green transport: bicycles, rollers, foot traffic, eco-friendly cars (electric cars, hybrid cars, electric cars with solar batteries etc).


The main advantages of green transport usage are:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Refusal from energy-consuming transport modes in passengers and freight carriages.
  • Transfer to low carbon fuel.
  • Broad transport electrification.
  • Development of accessible energy storage devices.

In frame of the project implementation there will be support of environmental demo project providing illustrative examples of nature-oriented consumption behaviour. In particular, it will support a package of green transport measures at the Radziwill palace and park ensemble (Nesvizh district). The initiative will include the demonstration of green transport benefits, display of social advertisements on vehicles, and a broad informational campaign aimed on dissemination of information about green transport.

An electric vehicle complete with trailers for carrying passengers will be purchased. The demo project site will be declared a green transportation area. Guided tours will be conducted using the vehicles procured under the Project, and vehicle rental services will be made available for the public.


Recommendations for use of foreign and Belarussian experience of green transport (in Russian) You can download here