Green map

Project "Green map" ( is public ecological project has the form of Belarus interactive map, where secondary material resources, dangerous waste, and objects of secondary use receiving points are marked.

The project started in 2012 year and is developing with active participation of local volunteers groups that collect, verify information and mark the map.


In frame of the project "Supporting the transition to a green economy in the Republic of Belarus", funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme, it is planned to develop further "Green map" portal as a leading ecological informational resource that provides information on different directions of environmentally friendly mode of life in Belarus. It is planned that funds of the Project will be used for thematic and technical update of the web-page


The main steps of further development of "Green map":

• Creation of 3 new layers of the map on following themes: "Ecological information and organizations", "Renewable energy", "Natural sites";
• Improvement of map interface for expansion of the resource users database;
• enlargement of localities number represented on the map;
• technical update of the web-page.


Main preconditions for resource development are increasing interest of society to environment friendly mode of life and necessity of practical information about work of objects and organizations offering services in green economy area.


In frame of the portal modification it is planned to update an electronic catalogue (search engine) of green enterprises of Belarus that deal with collection, sorting, recycling, or disposal of different wastes (including hazardous waste), guided by the green production and/or consumption principles in their work, using biodegradable packaging for their products, as well as of products that meet environmental criteria and carry an eco-label, eco-certification services, etc.


During the work similarly focused information products that have been made in Belarus will be reviewed and terms of reference for design/updating and promotion of an information product will be prepared. It is planned to involve UNEP expertise to provide advice and guidance in the design of the information product.