Project Activities

Green map
Green map is an electronic catalogue (search engine) of green enterprises of Belarus that deal with collection, sorting, recycling, or disposal of different wastes (including hazardous waste), guided by the green production and/or consumption principles in their work, using biodegradable packaging for their products, as well as of products that meet environmental criteria and carry an eco-label, eco-certification services, etc.

Green transport
In frame of the project implementation there will be support of environmental demo project providing illustrative examples of nature-oriented consumption behaviour. In particular, it will support a package of green transport measures at the Radziwill palace and park ensemble (Nesvizh district). The initiative will include the demonstration of green transport benefits, display of social advertisements on vehicles, and a broad informational campaign aimed on dissemination of information about green transport.
An electric vehicle complete with trailers for carrying passengers will be purchased. The demo project site will be declared a green transportation area. Guided tours will be conducted using the vehicles procured under the Project, and vehicle rental services will be made available for the public.

Development of a network of eco-info centres
In order to raise the level of awareness among the local communities and the general public about the concept of sustainable local development and development of eco- ("green") tourism infrastructure, the Project will support a network of eco-info centres to be established on the basis of the administrations of the specially protected natural areas "Pribuzhskoye Polesie Republican Reserve" and "Svityazyansky Republican Landscape Reserve" through supporting the development of their infrastructure, ecological trails, "green ways" and observation platforms, environmentally friendly means of transport, etc.

Development of green economy in the regions through implementation of pilot initiatives
The Project will support local pilot initiatives aimed at the economic empowerment of local entities based on green growth principles in the areas of waste management, water management, biodiversity conservation, and ecotourism.
The pilot initiatives, included into the Project, intend to demonstrate in practice the basic principle of a "green economy" - obtaining economic benefits (for specific territories such effect will be expressed in terms of creating new jobs and getting added value through implementation of pilot initiatives) while reducing risks to the environment and depletion of natural resources.
It is planned to implement following initiatives:
• Organization of office paper production from recovered materials at Unitary Enterprise "Goznak" Paper Mill (Borisov town, Minsk region)
• Sustainable use and commercialization of biological resources "Nalibokskiy Republican Landscape Reserve" (Volozhin, Stolbtcy, Iviev, Novogrudok districts)
• Creating a complex for processing of wood waste into biofuel in the City of Brest (Municipal Production Unitary Enterprise "Kommunalnik")
• Production of highly-efficient organic fertilizers through advanced sapropeles processing at Joint Stock Company "Zhitkovichihimservis" (Zhitkovichi town, Gomel region)

Competition of green initiatives-grants to NGOs
Based on the goals and objectives of the Project, financial will be provided to the work of NGOs, aimed to the establishment of effective partnerships and joint activities of NGOs, local government and business organizations and a competition among initiatives aimed at green economic growth will be held.It is planned to provide 16 grants, each grant with the budget up to 100 000 Euros.
The Contest will accept applications from NGOs. The Contest will also accept applications from initiative groups consisting of NGOs and other entities (including commercial and state-owned organizations) and individual entrepreneurs, residents of the Republic of Belarus, united under cooperation agreements for the period of the Contest and execution of initiatives. At the same time, if such an initiative group wins the Contest, an agreement on cooperation with the UNDP for implementation of the initiative as a part of the Project activities will be concluded with the NGO acting as the principal applicant for the initiative, and the funds for implementation of the initiative will be transferred to the account of this NGO.